Court Ordered and Employer Mandated Courses

Addiction courses are often mandated by a judge, court, parole officer, probation officer, state or county official, attorney, family member, or employer.  This website offers a variety of courses that are evidence-based, self-paced, and developed by licensed addiction professionals.

Courses all meet the approved standards of education to include the Department of Transportation (DOT) for those referred via a DOT Substance Abuse Professional.  Each course requires a pre-test, completion of all required course components, a post-test to determine mastery of the materials and a certificate of completion once mastery of the materials is obtained.  Verification of enrollment can be provided based on mandated requirements. is an affordable and easily accessible online educational service that allows you to better understand substance abuse and addiction, while also providing total privacy and anonymity.

Our courses are designed to help you better understand topics such as alcohol abuse and addiction, heroin, marijuana, food, tobacco, caffeine, methamphetamine, and many other substances. A variety of learning methods are used to include readings, audio presentations, slide presentations, and self-help handouts. Testing is mandatory in order to verify mastery of the materials presented, and once a passing score is obtained, a certificate of course completion showing number of hours earned is provided.

It is up to you, the consumer, to ensure our courses meet your specific mandated requirements.  In order to pre-approve courses with the person/organization making the referral, we have prepared a letter which you can print out to share and take to your referral source (judge, court, attorney, employer, etc.) for confirmation.


Download Mandated Letter

Thank you for considering where we look forward to meeting your mandated educational course needs.