Medical Marijuana

Scientific knowledge exists to support the use of medical marijuana as a natural medicine to treat a number of medical conditions. To that end, Medical Marijuana has now been legalized for distribution in 20 states along with Washington DC and many other states have pending legislation.

The debate, however, continues with many arguing for the beneficial effects of marijuana in managing conditions such as cancer, HIV and chronic pain while the other side argues that marijuana is potentially harmful on a number of levels. Through research and education we believe this ongoing debate will provide consumers with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions. in the course on Medical Marijuana will attempt to give consumers unbiased information about the use and effectiveness of medical marijuana. We believe consumers should always consult their physicians before making any decision on the treatment of a medical condition. With that being said, it is our intent to share materials which examine marijuana from a research perspective as well as provide medical marijuana establishment information. A “one page” will be provided of each medical condition for which medical marijuana usage may be considered.

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