Devil’s Advocate
March 13, 2015
Share The Good
March 28, 2015
Devil’s Advocate
March 13, 2015
Share The Good
March 28, 2015

The Addict’s Strength List

The following list supports an addict in recovery while at the same time promotes and acknowledges the strength inherent in one’s life.  If you are willing to work to secure each item on the following list, you will go a long way toward reaching your sobriety goals.  The list includes the following items:

  1. Appropriately dressed
  2. Maintains eye contact
  3. Sleep and appetite are good
  4. No physical health problems
  5. Have friends who abstain
  6. Supportive family
  7. Has a constructive hobby
  8. Participates in social organizations
  9. Employed
  10. Can express self both verbally and in writing
  11. Able to take responsibility for actions and express remorse
  12. Manages anger appropriately
  13. Completes high school, GED and/or vocational training
  14. Finances are managed without problems
  15. Avoids legal difficulties
  16. Has own transportation with driver’s license
  17. Listens without interrupting or getting defensive
  18. Questions issues reasonably without angst toward authority figures
  19. Provides support to other people
  20. Establishes plans for the future
  21. Sustains values of solid work ethics
  22. Expresses a sense of humor
  23. Practices leadership skills
  24. Objectively acknowledges the past
  25. Is loyal to deserving others
  26. Willing to go for help in stressful times
  27. Shows flexibility
  28. Maintains good life balance
  29. Set boundaries and adheres to same
  30. Consistently works a recovery program

The choice to live a healthy life always lies in the hands of each individual.  No person can force another human being to be, act, or feel anything.  Make your own decisions to be healthy and life a productive life in order to reach your dreams of a solid future.  You can and you will by incorporating the above items into your daily life practices.

“No one saves us but ourselves.  No one can and no one may.  We ourselves must walk the path.” – Buddha

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